Price items at an amount that you would be willing to pay for them. Generally, we recommend pricing items that have been gently-worn for 20-40% of original retail price and items that are in NEW or near-new condition for 30-50% of retail.  For example, a  Mud Pie dress that you paid $35 for you could price at $7-12 if gently worn or $12-18 if new or only worn once or twice.   
Some brands sell better than others and can be priced a bit higher due to demand for that brand. If you are not an experienced consignor, it is best to price on the lower end for your first few sales. There is a learning curve to pricing your items so that you sell a lot but also make the most money. We want you to be happy with what you've sold so remember to price competitively!  You've done the work and want to sell as many items as possible. Here’s a hint if you are stuck…go to the store’s web site and price 50-75% off the retail (not sale price) of what a comparable item is listed for.
On Saturday all items will be sold for 30% off the price marked on the tag unless the tag says “NO” for Discount. You have the option of choosing "YES" or "NO" to a discount for each item you enter. Items will be sold for 30% off on Saturday unless the seller chooses “NO” for the discount” option while inputting each tag online.​​​​​​​
*NOTE: If you plan on donating items that don’t sell, allow them to be sold for 30% off on Saturday to maximize your earnings.*
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