*Please register as a consignor before tagging.*
Click here to begin tagging. All tagging is done via voice entry or online.

-Include the brand name and as detailed a description as possible. This helps identify an item in case the tag comes off, and also inhibits tag-switching.
-You may use wire and/or plastic hangers. No cushioned infant hangers will be accepted.  All items should be on hangers before arriving for drop-off. 
-Pin tags to the inside label of garments. 
-You can pin to outside of garment if it doesn't leave visible pin holes after washing, such as jeans, cotton, linen, etc. If you pin on the garment vs. the label please put the tag on the upper left hand side (over the heart if wearing the item). 
-Secure tag to item well enough that it will stay on in the midst of excessive handling. We recommend safety pins. Please no straight pins or anything that may damage the garment. Do not use masking tape, duct tape or scotch tape.  You can use masking, painter's or scotch tape on books, toys, or decor items as long as it won't damage the item. 

-Use plastic or wire hangers. 
-Hang clothing with the opening of the hanger facing to the left, like a question mark.
-Pin the waistband of pants and skirts to the sloping arms of the hanger or use a pants hanger.  Do not pin to the horizontal bottom of the hanger or they will just slide back and forth.  Do not fold pants over the hanger. 
-If garment may easily slip off hanger, then use a binder clip to secure it OR pin on corner to the hanger.

-Tags must be printed on heavy card-stock paper 60#-67#, which can be found at Walmart, Target or any office supply store. Tags printed on regular paper will not be accepted.  
-Your printer must be set to DRAFT or NORMAL before printing.  Not doing so may cause the bar-codes to be blurry and unreadable to the scanners.  Unreadable tags must be entered by hand which can cause mistakes in inputting your information.
*Disable all Pop-Up Blockers before printing*
-MOZELLA FIREFOX Users must print in Internet Explorer.  There is a bug in Mozella Firefox that prints gibberish.
-There are 10 tags printed per page. So if printing some items now and some later, print in multiples of 10 to save cardstock. If you have items from past sales that you want to include and not retag, you can use old tags without retagging as long as the item is still in your inventory.  The old tags will also scan.
-For non-clothing items, attach tag with clear packaging tape. Do not cover the barcode on the tag with tape.  Place a duplicate tag inside the bag as well as taped to the outside. Write “duplicate tag” on the tag in side the bag.
-Any unsold items that you do not want back can be slated for donation. Choose the Donation option when entering these items online. All donated items that do not sell will be donated to local charities and a tax-deductible receipt will be included with your check.
*Any items not pick-up by the seller will become the property of Green With Envy Kids.*
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